Please note: We cannot provide you with legal advice about any obligations you might or might not have regarding disclosure of information. If you have concerns, consult an attorney.

We have set up a P.O. box that you can mail documents to us. Sending documents by mail can be much more secure than any electronic means, if you take a couple of important steps before you send us documents:

1. Try to use a postal office of mailbox that is out-of-the way from where you normally conduct business and personal affairs.

2. Be sure to review the documents you are sending and inspect the envelope to ensure there is nothing on the documents that can be linked back to you.

Once you think your documents are untraceable back to you, mail them to:

P.O. Box 91
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Please read here for further information on how to leak documents anonymously and securely. While the instructions we provide on the site will greatly minimize your chances of being found as the source of leaked documents, we cannot guarantee this with 100% certainty.

You can click here to contact us and our team can work with you and connect you with experts that can advise on how to have the most impact.