You can contact us at the number below and leave a voice message.

We would recommend that you do not make this phone call from your work phone as there will be records on that call kept.

You can either leave us a personal cell or home number for us to call you back on, or some other form of contact like an email address. (see page on emailing securely)

We are also happy to talk to you if you have questions or comments or want to learn more about how to send us documents.

Please read here for further information on how to leak documents more securely. While the instructions we provide on the site will greatly minimize your chances of being found as the source of leaked documents, we cannot guarantee this and encourage you to explore additional sources if information on our guide page.

Contact us at: 647-890-4309

(this number goes directly to a voicemail box)

You can click here to contact us and our team can work with you and connect you to experts that will offer advice on how to become a whistleblower and have the most impact.